HID® Asure ID® Solo

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Asure ID® 7 Solo for basic card management.

Asure ID Solo is the perfect entry-level card personalization software. Easy-to-use and easy to learn, the software is loaded with useful features to improve the issuance and management of basic photo IDs. Featuring a highly-intuitive user interface that utilizes a familiar Microsoft® ribbon look-and-feel, you can create great looking, full-color IDs in a matter of minutes.

Key Benefits

Improved User Interface - Asure ID Solo makes it easy to design and program photo IDs, even those that include encoded magnetic stripes.

Swift ID® Template Import - Now you can import templates designed in HID Global’sSwift ID® printer software into Asure ID Solo and enjoy more robust features and functionality such as the management of multiple card templates and storage of up to 200 records.

Simplified Printer Functions - Asure ID Solo allows you to design and print cards without having to open and configure complicated printer driver menus.

Low Maintenance - Asure ID Solo has built-in notifications about free software updates to ensure that the software is never outdated.


Compatible with Windows® Pro Tablet

Languages supported: English, French, German, Spanish, Russian, Portuguese, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Simplified Chinese, Thai, Indonesian, Arabic, Turkish, and Czech

Fluorescing Panel (F-Panel) Support

Magnetic stripe can be added

Save and search records (limit 200)

Dual-sided printing

Integrated photo capture (TWAIN, WIA, and DirectShow®)

Dual-sided template designs

Import images (e.g., logos and graphics)

Add text and data field (variable and static)

Automated notifications of software updates

Optional annual/multi-year support packages


Asure ID Solo brochure

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